Specialized school “INTELLECT” is an innovative educational institution striving to develop a balanced and coherent person in terms of student-centered learning and education.
The school was founded in 1996 by the Pechersk District State Administration of Kyiv and Borys Grinchenko Institute of Advanced Training of Teachers.
The institution is dedicated to nurturing a spiritually rich and intellectually and emotionally developed personality with high moral values and ideological beliefs. This is facilitated by the use of the latest achievements of pedagogy and psychology, the use of innovative technologies in training and education, computerization of educational process, individualization of learning.
“Intellect” as an innovative institution contributes to a new quality based on student mastery of core life competencies enabling them to successfully integrate into society and define their life path, to be mobile, to self-realize their intrinsic strengths, and make conscious life choices and responsible decisions.
“Intellect” is a school of comfort that meets present challenges and demands of innovative education in Ukraine.